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bubble & squeak $10

potato & cabbage cake, cod fritters, tomato
basil chutney 

sesame panko fried shrimp  $10

house made sweet chili sauce or cocktail sauce 

hot crab dip $12

parmesan red pepper toast




house favourite fish & chips large $16 / small $10

choice of tartar, cocktail or curry mayo. extra sauce .50 each

gluten-free or baked available

curry veggie bangers & chips $16

onion rings, curry sauce, cucumber raita 

house recipe bangers & mash $16

onion rings, guinness gravy 

baked cod & side salad $16
your choice of dressing

steak & ale pie $17

mash, minted peas, guinness gravy 

little nippers (kids 12 & under) 

includes soft drink 

fish & chips $7 

sea shells & cheese $6 

chicken tenders & chips $7

carrot & cucumber sticks, ranch $4 

chocolate or vanilla ice cream 
one scoop $2 


chip shop curry sauce $2 

mushy peas $3 

shells & cheese $5

onion rings $5

smashed minted peas $2 

mashed potatoes $4

heinz english baked beans $2 

bread & butter $2 

chips $4 

guinness gravy $2 

pickled: egg or onion $2/ea.

pickled veg $3

f&f salad $5

urban greens topped with house pickled vegetables, crispy onions and your choice of jalapeno ranch, bleu cheese or sherry vinaigrette 



cornish cream tea ice cream bowl 

one scoop $3, two $6, three $8 

sticky toffee pudding $9

black treacle sauce & devon cream 

bread & butter pudding $9 

caramel sauce, double devon cream 

pot of cornish tea for one $3 

smugglers brew from cornwall! 

scone with jam & devon cream $6

we are proud to be collaborating with some great local food & beverage companies including deep cuts butchers, proper british baking company, sweet firefly ice cream makers, oak cliff beverage company & four bullets brewery right here in richardson.

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